Created for the Digital Game Prototyping unit in Swinburne.
Wave is a 2.5D sidescrolling deep sea abyss exploration game made by a group of 4 students that follows a cloud of plankton in a dark geometric world, searching for its lost plankton buddies.
Players traverse a predominantly unlit underwater environment in order to find and collect lone plankter, all while avoiding dangerous creatures that lurk in the depths.
My role in this project was Lead Artist and Creative Director which included visualization and creation of all the art assets in the game. This included any pre-visualizations for our game pitch as well as all 3D assets that were included into the game. All 3D assets and animations were created in Autodesk Maya before being imported into Unity. Lighting and overall colour scheme were later created and modified in Unity.
Watch out for the nasty Sea Dandelions!
If you would like to try out our game, it can be found at the following Dropbox link:
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