Smashout Revenge was a project created as part of the Introduction to Games Production unit in the first year of my degree. We were tasked to re-imagine a class retro arcade game and put a new twist into it. Our team decided to combine two of the most recognizable arcade games, Breakout and Pong into one multiplayer experience and thus Smashout Revenge was born.
In a team of four, I was tasked to assist the other artist in the group in order to conceptualize and solidify a strong aesthetic for the game. Thus, I worked closely with him to produce the game's splash logo, icons and pre-visualization. 
The game was put together using the Unity game engine and various peripheral software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This project also introduced the use of Slack, Trello, SourceTree and Bitbucket in order to streamline our workflow.
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