Hi! I'm Mark Tan, an undergraduate who studied a Bachelor degree in Games and Interactivity at Swinburne University of Technology.
I am first and foremost a passionate player of games and have a particular appreciation for unique and interesting mechanics as well as rich and elaborate narratives. 
I am organized, adaptable and willing to cooperate with other team members in order to achieve a common goal and will do my best to make whatever I undertake be better.
In this portfolio you will find the many projects I've worked on either individually or collaboratively over the course of my study. 
Skills and Abilities
Basic Skills
Game Design | 2D & 3D Art Asset Creation | Social Media Management | Community Management | Project Management | Creative Direction
Specialized Skills
Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator
Maya | Mudbox | Unity
Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Microsoft Excel
Adobe After Effects* | Adobe Premiere Pro* | Adobe Audition* | Adobe Experience Manager*
Slack | Trello | BitBucket | SourceTree | SmartGit
*Limited working proficiency

Full Name: Mark Tan He Jie
Gender: Male
Location: Currently in Melbourne
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Singaporean
Languages: English and Chinese
Games that I enjoy: Overwatch | Dota 2 | Hearthstone | Heroes of the Storm | Diablo 3 | Terraria | Starbound | Octodad | Torchlight 1&2 | TERA | Path of Exile | Don't Starve series | The Witcher 3 | Borderlands series | Team Fortress 2 | Left4Dead series | and the list goes on and on...
Contact me
Thank you!
Or contact me through any of these details:
E-mail: marktanhejie@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/mark-tan-he-jie-b53b57119​​​​​​​