Omni-VS or Omni-versus is a 3 player game created for the Winter Game Jam at Swinburne.
OmniVS was created under 48hours for the Winter Game Jam 2016 held at Swinburne University of Technology. Together with 5 other people, we were given the theme of "Symbiosis" to work off from and thus, OmniVS was born.
A mixture of pure chaos and calculated cooperation, 3 players play as 3 distinct galaxies that are vying to be the last galaxy standing. The only way to damage and eventually kill off other players is to work together with another galaxy to create homing planets that target the opposing coloured galaxy. Each time this is done, a portion of each cooperating galaxy's mass is used to create them. Galaxies can also choose to assimilate the planets back into them to gain mass. 
Be the last galaxy standing in this crazy all-out battle royale style multiplayer game that can be downloaded at:
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