Created for the 3D Animation Project unit at Swinburne.
Together with 5 other friends, we were tasked to create a freeze frame render of 2 opposing forces duking it out in a fictional scene conceptualized and created by us.
Being a part of a large team, we decided to split our roles evenly and I was tasked with populating the scene with objects.
Some of my concept sketches are as follows:
After finishing up the concept of the items I lent a hand in modeling some of them as well as converting some of them into high-poly meshes.
After that was done I moved on to texturing some of the objects and we agreed to use Substance Painter in order to streamline our workflow.
The following videos are turntables of the final objects that I helped texture.
After all of these objects were placed into final compositing together with the main characters and the following video is the final result.
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